13 Ways to Grow Your Email marketing Newsletter List

13 Ways to Grow Your Email Newsletter List

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13 Ways to Grow Your Email Newsletter List

Looking for fresh methods of acquiring subscribers to your email list?

Some of the tried and true methods are still just that- tried and true, so stick with what works.  In addition to those methods, giving a few of these ideas a shot should help those lists balloon in no time!


    1.  Offer downloadable content, like a whitepaper or video, free to visitors when they provide their name and email address.  A great WordPress plugin for this is Email before Download 

    2.  Create a link to your newsletter sign up form in your email signature.

    3.  Set up a pop-up plugin to capture email addresses when someone arrives at your website. You can alter the settings so a visitor only sees this pop up once, or each time they visit until they are signed up. Our recommendation is not to be a nuisance with it, and definitely don’t have more than 1 pop-up per page.

    4.  Always have a strong, attractive call to action at the bottom of each blog post you write. Remind them that information like what they just read can be delivered to them by subscribing.

    5.  Create a call to action on your Facebook business page for followers to sign up for your mailing list.

    6.  Place a sign up form in the footer or sidebar of your website, where viewers will see the option at the bottom or side of each page.

    7.  Create a “birthday club”, and give away a freebie of some sort to visitors who sign up!

    8.  Set up a tab on your business Facebook page, and include an email newsletter sign up form there.

    9.  Create a newsletter sign up page landing page, and then sponsor it on LinkedIn.

    10.  On Pinterest, pin images of your products or images related to services you offer, and add information about your newsletter (or better yet, a link to a sign up page) in the content box.

    11.  Create and upload videos to your business YouTube page, and include a link to sign up for your email newsletter list.

    12.  Have the link your visitors see on your Twitter profile go directly to your newsletter signup page.

    13.  Post special offers on social media, where followers can enter to win by subscribing to your newsletter.


Remember, it’s a good idea to add some verbiage along with your sign up form, reminding potential subscribers that you will NOT be barraging them with email- and then KEEP that promise. Don’t make the mistake of putting the effort to grow your list, just to watch them drop like flies after the 50th email in a month.

Use this opportunity to create a positive feel toward your business, thus creating a bevy of potential future customers.



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