2013 Summer Marketing in Seattle

Kerri Mosich Blog, Local Advertising

Summer in the Seattle area is the most anticipated time of year, use this to your business’s advantage and kick your summer marketing into high gear. Pacific Northwest locals are out in full force enjoying the weather; make sure your company is out there too!

Summer is (almost) here, taking a clue from the weather about your marketing campaign can really refresh your strategy. Seattle summers are bright and warm and the best time of the year here in the Pacific Northwest, putting that good energy into your business will help lighten the mood with your customers.

Run a summer marketing campaign with a focus on fun. If summer is your slow season, offer a special deal to increase business that is good through the end of summer. Draw in new summer customers with promotions or promotion items with a summer theme to go along with their purchase. Present your offer on a summer themed newsletter or email. Summer is a also a time in Seattle when families love to get outside together and enjoy the weather, so trying to focus on a more family oriented promotion might take your business farther this summer.

In the Seattle area we love boating, outdoor festivals, happy hours in the sun, and fresh delicious seafood. How can you incorporate popular local favorites into your marketing campaign? Try setting up a booth at a summer market, or sponsoring something at Seafair. Getting your name out there at a popular summer event makes your business appear hip, locally focused and approachable.

If you set up a booth for your business at a local fair or festival take the time to make it a worthy marketing campaign by offering deals or promotional items in exchange for information about your customer base. Talk to your customers; find out what they like and what they don’t. Before you send your team out to promote your business in the summer time try holding a meeting and coming up with conversation topics to ask your customers about they like and what they would like to see change with your business. People love to chat in the sun, make sure you take advantage of this.

Summer in Seattle presents many new opportunities to refresh your business strategy, don’t let it slip away! Everyone loves a good deal, everyone loves sunshine, especially in rainy Seattle, make these two ideas work together to make summer 2013 the most successful your business has ever experienced.