4 Reasons Video Should Be on Your Website

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A website has become the virtual storefront for any business. Consumers check out your website before they come into your store to make any purchases, so putting on a good face is key to bringing business in the door. Every business is unique and their website should reflect the image they are trying to portray, and set a tone for their business model. Adding video to your website gives potential customers a true taste of what your business represents.

Give The People What They Want

In this digital age, everything is online, and shopping is an unstoppable part of that. Customers expect more when visiting a website than basic hours and information, they need to see why your business or product is better than the competition. Using videos on your website will help bring your site higher up in search engine results and bring in traffic from other venues such as YouTube. Video is easier and less expensive than you imagine and really amps up your webpage to visitors. Video can be shot in a variety of ways depending on the level of quality that needs to be displayed. The videos can be as basic or complex as the business wants and is a way to keep the content on your website ‘moving’.

Create Interest

Adding video creates interest in products that customers may not have had before. A video of a product in action is more interesting than a stagnant picture, and allows the best features to be shown in a positive way. Many consumers prefer to see a video of how a product works or looks instead of reading a paragraph or looking at an image. Video is a way to show off what you have, why it is great, and why a customer should buy it. Visual learning is not a thing to be overlooked.

Gives Your Business More Personality

Video is a great way for your customers to get to know your business and feel confident and comfortable in their future choices. Video sets the tone of being a welcoming atmosphere and can answer questions customers may not have even thought of yet. Everyone likes to feel valued and comfortable, and setting the tone for that before a customer ever sets foot in your store is easy with video.

Quick and Easy to Change

Putting videos up on your website is a quick way to draw in the eye, is affordable on any budget, and easy to change. Once a video has run its course, change it out for something new and fresh. Content is always evolving, and your website should be too. Customers like being engaged, and putting up fresh content on a regular basis can help keep people engaged. Not only that, but adding fresh content and video to your website can boost your SEO rankings and bring more traffic to your site.