7 Time-Saving Apps for Business Owners

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Wasting time is painful for everyone, and a business owner knows how the ticking clock correlates to dollar signs.   Whether it’s managing staff, organizing financials, or planning your next project, these top 7 Time-Saving Apps for are a terrific way for Business Owners to save time and money!

What it does: If you’re juggling multiple clouds like Dropbox, Copy, OneDrive and GoogleDrive, you can save time by using AirFile. It allows you to manage them all in one place.
Cost:  Free for 2 clouds


Lucy Phone
What it does: Their motto says it all: “Never wait on hold again.” Consider the Lucy Phone app to be your personal spot-holder. Just put in the company’s phone number and press ** when you’re put on hold. When an agent answers, you’ll get a callback. Great time-saver!
Cost:  Free


Remember the Milk
What it does: This feature-packed app works like the best personal assistant with a steel-trap mind. Create your to-do lists, organize tasks, filter your notes, set up reminders…. this app does it all. Remember the Milk is also available for Evernote, Twitter, Gmail, Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar.
Cost:  Free for basic app


What it does: Helps you easily track clients and leads, along with their contact information and pertinent details (how you met, who referred you, the name of their company, their social media profiles, websites and any other fields you’d like to be able to pull up when needed). Each contact gets their own page, and you and your team can add notes and details, and even assign tasks (such as sending thank-you notes) to a specific person. It’s also useful for tracking deals, proposals and leads … without searching through emails and various social media networks.
Cost:  Free (paid plans from $24-99/mo)


Rescue Time
What it does: This app tracks time you’ve spent on applications and websites, giving you an accurate picture of how you spent your time during the day. It then sends you detailed reports based on your activity, showing you how you might have been more productive. The app works for Mac, PC, Android and Linux. This is a more expensive app, but has many satified users.
Cost: Free for 4 months, then $72 a year.


My Minutes
What it does: This is a personal time management app for iPhones and Android. If you find you can’t stay focused on the most important tasks throughout the day, With this app, you set a goal (for example, “Spend only one hour checking email” or “Work out for 30 minutes”), and the app will let you know when you’re finished.
Cost:  $2.99 for iPhones


What it does: Time is money, and time is easily wasted online. This app tracks how much time you spend on popular social networks- a timer starts automatically when you log in to your social media account. If you’re idle or away from the social site, the timer stops. TimeRabbit gives you reports that show just how much time you spend on the social site.
Cost:  Free


What are your favorite time saving apps or useful tools?  Let us know below!