A Simple Way To Make Your Domain Stand Out

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If you have a website (doesn’t everyone?) there is a simple thing you can do to make your web domain more visible and easier to read when you are out promoting your site.

The internet world got in the habit of spelling internet domains in lower case letters. That’s not a problem if your domain is one word like amazon.com, or ebay.com, or business.com. But when we ran out of single words or needed to use the name of a multi-word business, it became harder to read the domains. Although some multi-word names are easy to read, some are much harder like stevensonadvertising.com or robinsonconstructioncompany.com.

A great way to make these long domains easier to read is to capitalize the first letter of each word.

The domain stevensonadvertising.com becomes StevensonAdvertising.com.

The domain robinsonconstructioncompany.com becomes RobinsonConstructionCompany.com.

As you can see with the caps, it is easier to read the domain. An additional way to make a domain even easier to read is to change the color of words:StevensonAdvertising.com or RobinsonConstructionCompany.com. You can even capitalize entire words to emphasize part of your name: DealerMOBILEtips.com. I am still amazed when I see an article online or an ad on TV or in print with long, confusing domains like vadleconsultingpartnersinc.net. Try to figure that one out with a short glance at a television commercial.