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Ace Metrix: Best Ads of Q2 2015 Provided New, Clear Information About Products & Services

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Ace Metrix recently released its selection of the best ads from Q2 2015 and the winners in the study revealed that the most effective commercials from April 1- June 30 were “to the point spots in which brands showed off new products or services” according to Ad Week.

Peter Daboll, Ace Metrix CEO told Adweek that “ads about information or product attributes, those scored very well this quarter because people are interested in new products and those particular brands.”

Spots were scored in 31 different categories ranging from “Technology, Software and Websites,” in which Google came out on top, to “Apparel and Footwear.”

Check out some of our favorites from the winners, including Google’s “Questions” below.

What do you think about the winners? Are they the most effective ads you saw in Q2 2015? Are you sold on their commercials?

Let us know what you think about Ace Metrix’s choices in best ads of q2 2015 in the comments below and check out a roster to all the top ads Ace Metrix chose here.