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AdWeek: Why TV Is Still the Most Effective Advertising Medium

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A new study that Turner Broadcasting and Horizon Media partnered on with marketing-analytics company MarketShare found that TV is still the top advertising medium.

According to AdWeek, the report analyzed marketing optimizations used by major advertisers from 2009 to 2014 and found “ that TV advertising effectiveness has remained steady during that time period and outperforms digital and offline channels at driving key performance metrics like sales and new accounts.”

Here are AdWeek’s key take away points from the study:

-When compared to various other outlets like paid search, print and radio, TV proved to achieve key performance indicators (KPIs) most often.

-TV is only medium to maintain effectiveness at driving clinet KPIs over last 5 years.

-TV advertisers benefit from ability to use other data sources to leverage success.

-High quality videos from broadcast and cable networks see more success than content from other publishers.

AdWeek writes that Isaac Weber, VP of Strategy at MarketShare said the the study shows “TV is the giant megaphone.”

But that doesn’t mean digital is to be ignored.

Howard Shimmel, chief research officer at Turner Broadcasting told AdWeek “We’re not saying that digital is bad, but digital just can’t make up the reach that TV delivers. And digital, used in a way that’s complementary to TV, is a more effective strategy.”

Take a look at AdWeek’s full report on the study here, and then tell us what you think about the results in the comment below. Were you surprised to hear TV is still on top?