Announcing the Stevenson Advertising Social Media Campaign

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Hello, blog readers! This is an official announcement that we’ve launched a new social media campaign, which will be going strong for at least three months, and hopefully many years after that. We’ve revamped our Google+ and Pinterest accounts, and will be active on those and our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.

Yesterday, if you weren’t following us on Twitter, you missed our live tweet of a day-long shoot for Vern Fonk Insurance and all their hilarious parody ads, including exclusive pictures, which may or may not make their way onto this blog. When we’re not hanging out with the Vern Fonk crew, we’re on Twitter all day finding and tweeting the latest and greatest articles on all things marketing.
Stevenson Twitter Account

If you’re into infographics, jaw-dropping design and web design work, or clever advertising stunts, our Pinterest and Google+ accounts are the place to be. For company updates, alerts about posts to the Stevenson blog, job postings, and the best of the articles we find, follow our Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

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If you have any questions or concerns (or, better yet, compliments), you can always contact us through any of our social media accounts. We check them daily, so you can be sure to get a response quickly.

As our social media accounts grow, we’ll be posting information and analyses on our experience. Our hope is that other businesses will be able to learn from our efforts, both about the best social media campaign strategies and about the benefits of using social media at all. Stay tuned!