New Video: Athena Urology and Urogynecology

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Here at Stevenson Advertising we recently had an opportunity with a new client to create videos for their web page. Athena Urology and Urogynecology is located in Issaquah, Washington. What is special about Athena is that it is a clinic run exclusively for women, by women. Their goal is to make women feel more comfortable and relaxed while treating very serious and private issues with their bodies.

Every doctor at Athena has their own specialty, and they can perform any needed treatment in office. Athena also has a new physical therapy wing that has a spa-like atmosphere where women can feel confident and relaxed while getting the treatments they need.

We produced an entire series of videos for them in house. Our director and editor, Shawn Sergev, did a great job capturing the mood and energy Athena gives off and was able to have that transfer into a series of videos that represent Athena and their mission to help women. Athena is a great example of a client of ours who wants to enhance their web presence and SEO marketing by adding video to their website. Adding video to a website increases it in search rankings on Google. Adding video to your website is less expensive than you would think and can really enhance your web presence. In the case of Athena, their videos are able to set a tone and feeling about their business before a new patient walks through the door. Because of the videos the patient knows what to expect and already feels comfortable and relaxed.

We were able to shoot all the footage with just two short trips out to the Athena clinic, and edit them with a quick turn around time. With both our video and web design team in house we have the ability to tackle most projects here in the office as a comprehensive team to achieve the goals set by our clients.