robot roundabout commercial shoot behind scenes

Behind the Scenes: Robot Roundabout

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Behind the Scenes: Robot Roundabout


Last week our video production guru, Mr. Shawn Sergev, shot a commercial for local company Robot Roundabout.   The shoot took place at their storefront in Kirkland, where we had over 20 kids come help out as extras.


Robot Roundabout is a truly unique company- a fun place for kids to battle with combat robots, and learn about robotics!  They are currently booking summer camps, where kids build their own robots and learn about electronics and how they work.   It’s also a great option for kids birthday parties, where the kids can fight the combat robots in a battle tournament.   You can find more information at


Want to check out the commercial live?  It will air during the premiere of ABC’s Battle Bots season 2 on Komo on June 23rd.

Here are some behind the scenes pictures of the commercial shoot: