Christmas in July? Three Tips for Preparing Holiday Advertising in Seattle

Kerri Mosich Digital Advertising

Although the weather may be sunny and summery right now, the holidays will be here in the blink of an eye. Making a plan for your advertising now is easy and will bring traffic through your door for the entire holiday season.

  1. Advertise on television. Whether your business is small or large you can advertise on television. Buying cable TV spots in your region is inexpensive and can reach thousands of people all within close proximity to your business. You only need one commercial and a commercial posting schedule to start seeing holiday foot traffic.

  2. SALE! Everyone is attracted to a sale, so make your holiday deals widely known. Putting up a banner or separate landing page on your website to let people know of current offers and keeping it up to date is simple when working with a web designer. Making a basic television commercial that can have the ending switched out to promote different sales makes a commercial perform more than one function.

  3. Direct mail to a previous list of customers you may have, or to a specific geographic area can help bring in traffic to your store or website. Flyers don’t need to be too complex, but should have your hours, sales, and where you are located. Your potential holiday customers will see you on TV with a holiday sale, then pop over to your website and see sales and then finally get a notice from you in the mail.

  4. Having a strategy for holiday advertising a few months early may seem over-zealous, but consumers spend more shopping for the holidays than any other time of year. People are out spending money, it should be in your store! Your business can have the most profitable season yet this year, make an advertising plan and invest in your own success. If you have any questions about how prepare for the holidays contact Stevenson Advertising in Lynnwood, Washington.