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The creative process begins when we meet with you to clearly define your company’s objectives and goals. It is important that we understand exactly what you would like to accomplish, and what it will take for you to consider the marketing campaign a success.

Once we’ve met, and we’re all on the same page, we begin to craft a creative strategy that will deliver the results you require.

Concepts and Development

Our creative team will gather and analyze research about your industry, looking at you and your competitors, to determine what makes you unique from the other businesses in your industry.

We add this information to the research we’ve gathered about your customers’ demographic profiles, and develop a targeted campaign strategy that will expand your business to a profitable outcome.

concept and development



With a strategy in place, we begin writing scripts that will align with our targeting decisions. The goal here is to develop a powerful message to engage your desired customers.

An excellent commercial message will incorporate a “call to action” that will increase the effectiveness of your advertising and give us a measurement tool to assess the response to your ads. Once the scripts are written, we will present them to you for approval, and make adjustments as needed.

What’s Next?

When the messaging is approved and ready to implement, we decide what kind of media will be most effective for delivering your message. There are a number of marketing channels available to you, including television, print, website design, and digital advertising.

Based on our years of marketing experience, we will recommend the options that will bring you the success you described in our initial meeting.

what's next?

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