Finding Your Target Market in Seattle

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Are you wondering how to identify your target market in Seattle? Here are some quick tips to help you start narrowing down your target market and make reaching them easier than ever before.

Television advertising in Seattle is a fantastic way to advertise to your customer and potential customer base. Advertising on television is effective and can be less expensive than you think. The issue many businesses face is determining when and who to advertise to. There are thousands of programs on hundreds of channels every day on television. Finding out who your target market is and when and what they are watching can narrow down your audience and make your potential Seattle area client base more accessible to you than ever before.

Age Range

Who is buying your product? Knowing the age range of who your product is directed to is vital, advertising senior housing on a children’s TV channel is not the best use of your funds or reaching the right audience who would be interested in purchasing.

Income level

Television can be bought by geographic area, and advertising the right products in the right area can make or break the success of a commercial. Advertising to people who cannot afford your product means they can’t buy it and are probably not as interested as other higher income areas.

Follow your Customer Base

If you have been selling to primarily women in their 30s and 40s, keep trying to reach women in that age range. That is your core customer base, keep them the best you can and try to be the best at targeting that specific demographic. Trying to get another age and gender gap to buy your product may not have as good of results. Seattle is home to all types of people but knowing your people is a great way to keep reaching them over and over again.

Check out Competition

Who are your competitors targeting and how are they doing it? If your competitor is doing a better job of selling the same product as you do some investigative work into how and why they are succeeding and you are not.

Finding out who your target market in Seattle is will help narrow down your advertising to potential customers. You cannot target everyone, the population is too vast, but deciding who will buy your product or service and going after them can be much more successful.