Get Your Videos Noticed with Dynamic Titles

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As a business owner, the technical mumbo jumbo that goes into creating dynamic titles does not matter to you. What does matter is understanding why they are important and what they add to your videos. The easiest way to demonstrate this is with a video showing plain traditional title graphics vs dynamic. Watch the video below and draw your own conclusions…

Normal Titles vs Dynamic Titles

So which title sequence grabbed your attention more? Dynamic titles will get your business noticed. In today’s market, there is so much content flooding tv and the internet, you are literally battling the competition for your potential customer’s attention. 19.4% of people tune out by the first 10 seconds if a video does not immediately grab their attention. You can see why it is so important to start your videos with a bang.

Make your YouTube videos more interesting

Not only can you add interest to your graphics with movement, creative fonts, and music, but you can also customize the overall theme to match your business. For example, a car dealer might want the text to roll in like a set of wheels, and take off like a speeding car. A pool and hot tub dealer may want the text to flow and shimmer, emulating water as it rises into view. The more creative and the more your graphics tie into your product or service, the more likely people are to remember your message.

Take a look below at some of our work with dynamic titles. If you are inspired with some ideas for your own videos give us a call and talk about it.

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