Instagram’s New Search and Explore Features: New Ways to View New Content

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Unless you were hanging out under a rock yesterday, you’ve probably heard that Instagram released an update to it’s app.

The updates are going to make big changes in terms of user experience on the app: on Instagram, most of us live in our own bubbles where we only see content from the people we’ve chosen to follow, however, that’s all about to change.

The update is first available to iOs and Android apps in the United States. Instagram announced that other countries will receive it once it has worked on optimizing the app further. Within the app, only the search and explore tab within the app will be affected; the rest will remain unchanged.

Here are basics of what’s changed:

A search engine that does more.

Search for accounts, hashtags, places and you’ll see a variety of results woven together.

Trending photos.

Users will now be able to browse photos with trending hashtags, or geotags. Sponsored posts will not be included in trending images.

Curated Content.

Themes will be chosen by Instagram editors (think things like “extreme athletes” and “glimmering islands”) and the interesting and best photos that fall within those themes will be at your fingertips for browsing.

How will you use the updates to get your content in front of new leads and customers?