Media Buying

Your Needs Analysis 

We meet with you and ask questionsdollarphotoclub

  • Who are your customers?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What are your revenue goals?

We confirm, or adjust and modify your perceptions

  • Gather research of your company and the industry of the products you sell
  • Collect demographic data from our media resources
  • Coordinate their information with the research we have uncovered
  • With your customer profile and media habits defined, we consider a variety of media options, including television, cable, radio, newspapers, magazines, online, mobile, and social media

We present what we’ve learned, and work with you to create a media plan that will deliver the people our research has identified as being interested in the products and services you offer.

The Buying Process 

Negotiating the Rates

Since our buyers have a work history in media, we know the ins and outs of getting you the lowest rates available. We negotiate with media principles, and secure rates for you in writing. This will protect your rates while we work with you to lay out actual media schedules. Rates generally are time bound.

Building a Schedule

Media Buying WidgetWe put together a schedule based on your budget and when you need your campaign to run. Some businesses project steady sales year around; others are more seasonal. Unless you’re Santa Claus, we usually recommend an annual base buy, with a spike in coverage during your peak sales times. Also, some businesses have heavier sales early in the week; others are geared more toward the weekend.
There can be many variables when we build a media plan.

Radio and television rates can also vary by season; TV is higher with the new fall programs, radio is higher in spring and summer when people are in their cars more. Digital media does not vary so much; inventory demand is fairly constant. Your media plan will take all these variables into consideration.


Placing the Buys

  • Once you’ve approved a media schedule, we place the orders to buy the time and space.
  •  We set up a media payment schedule.
  •  We deliver your commercials and/or print content, and issue traffic instructions.

Your media campaign is ready to begin.


We document the placement, present the billing, and assess the results .

  • Did you get the schedule we negotiated at the price we determined?
  •  Did the results meet your goals?

Why do you need us? 

Stevenson Advertising is on the inside. We know where to look, who to call, and more importantly, how to negotiate rates. From traditional media of broadcast and print, to online, mobile, and social media channels, we have the expertise and experience required to bring you new customers.

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