Mozilla Blocks Flash Plugin

Mozilla Blocks Flash Plugin

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Mozilla blocks Adobe’s Flash plugin, sites lack of updates and plethora of security issues as reason.

Mark Schmidt, head of Firefox Support at Mozilla, tweeted the news this morning: Mozilla’s Firefox will not longer support the use of Adobe’s Flash plugin.

The announcement came along with an image from Occupy Flash, whose goal is to “get the world to uninstall their Flash players.” Not exactly a neutral statement.

The blockade is a temporary one, however, if Adobe gets it’s act together.

Mozilla Support article explaining the change states that “all versions of Adobe’s Flash plugin are currently deactivated by default, until Adobe releases an updated version to address known critical security issues.”

Are the End of Days near for the Flash Plugin?

The news is not the first of recent blows to Adobe’s Flash plugin–Mashable reports that the announcement was preceded by a revelation of serious security flaws in documentation that got stolen recently from the security company Hacking Team. And you might happen remember when Apple ditched support of the plugin on all it’s iDevices in 2010 after Steve Jobs’ “Thoughts on Flash” was published.

We’re not sure what all of this means for the Flash plugin, but it certainly doesn’t take a product analyst to see that things aren’t looking good.

In the meantime, Schmidt’s offered his Twitter followers an alternate option to Flash to use: Shumway.

Tell us in the comments below: what are your thoughts on what Adobe should do with Flash?

Should they keep patching it up or just shut the whole thing down?