Online Advertising

Online advertising has to be a part of any advertising campaign. It is the new form of media that has become a vital part of the consumers’ source of information for what, where, and when to buy. Online advertising is highly measurable. Unlike traditional media (television, radio, and newspaper) which is hard to measure, online advertising metrics can show you the number of consumers who see the ad (impressions) and the number of people who “clicks” on the ad to visit a website.


pay per click

This is the largest online advertising category, dominated by Google Adwords. Advertisers pay to have their ads displayed to users as they type business-related keywords into search engines. The ads appear as links in the search engine results pages. Advertisers only pay if the users “clicks” on the ad.

Display Ads

display ads

Display advertising is the second most popular form of online advertising. Banner ads appear on websites in various sizes, positions and formats, including text, images, and video presentations. Banner ads can display to all web visitors, or be targeted to specific visitors based on a demographic profile, location, or interest.

Video Ads

video advertising

Using video to deliver your message is one of the most effective forms of online advertising. Video advertising in the form of commercials can be used as “pre-roll” ads that run before the requested video content (on YouTube, for example). Video can also appear in pay-per-click ads, banners, and be placed on a website.

Advertising Costs

PPC (Price Per Click) cost is based on the number of clicks an ad receives. You set your own daily budget, your own price(which is called a bid) per click, and your ad is clickable until you’ve reached the set daily budget.

CPM (Cost Per Thousand) is charged by the number of times an ad is displayed to visitors, referred to as impressions.

Fixed Cost is when advertisers pay a fixed amount for an ad to appear for a period of time, regardless of how many times it is viewed or clicked on.


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