Hate SEO? Here’s a Free Guide & Audit

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We came across a great Forbes article regarding the frustrations that some business owners have with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Here’s an overview of what it said. “When people talk …

How to Write a White Paper

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The term white paper is derived from the term white book, which is used to describe government policy. Although white papers take their roots in governmental policy, they have evolved …

Embracing the Boomers

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76 Million Strong Nationwide The 18 years covering 1946-1964 produced the largest population surge in U.S. history. Yes, Boomers are aging (ages 51-69), but according to U.S. News and World Report, …

Marketing Metrics

Finding the Right Marketing Metrics

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Metrics: the current buzzword for performance measurement. If you say, “Give me the metrics on that,” you sound really cool. Even while we limit this conversation to solely measuring your …

multichannel marketing graphic

Multichannel Marketing

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First, let’s define the word “channel” as it is used in the marketing industry. A channel is a line of communication, such as your company website, tv commercial, social media accounts, …