Slideshare: Ghost 0.4 Walkthrough & Review

Lindsey Weedston Online Marketing

So last week I tried out two new content-related things. First, I signed up on the Ghost blogging platform website and downloaded their application. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Ghost, and since it’s only on version 0.4, I thought it would be worth a try. As I went through the process, I took screenshots of what I was doing so that I could use them in the second new thing I tried – a Slideshare presentation!

Slideshare, by the way, is remarkably easy to use. All I had to do was make a presentation in PowerPoint and then upload it after signing up for a free Slideshare account. Everything translated perfectly. Then all you have to do is add the title, description and some tags to fill up the “viral meter” and I got 300 views in a few minutes.

If you’re curious about what I thought of Ghost, the Slideshare presentations can also be embedded into your blog posts!


If you want to see a better version, just click the “full screen” button in the bottom right corner. Or click the link to view it on the Slideshare website, where you can also view our profile and send us likes and comments and other things that will make us happy.


If you have any questions about either Ghost or Slideshare, feel free to ask in the comments or email us!