Stevenson Advertising Social Media Campaign Update

Lindsey Weedston Content Marketing, Online Marketing, Social Media

At the start of last month, we announced that we’re throwing our metaphorical hat into the metaphorical social media ring. We drew up a plan and have been faithfully active on five social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. So far we’ve seen dramatic improvements in several areas, including the total amount of visits to our website, which has gone up by 48% from last month. We hope to do even better next month, with more followers and better engagement.

Check out these sweet stats, courtesy of Simply Measured:

Simply Measured Social Graphs

Not only did we get a 10% boost from direct social media visits alone, traffic coming from social sources spend nearly five minutes longer on our website than users coming from anywhere else. They tend to visit 3-4 pages as well, which means they’re not just glancing at blog posts, but browsing. And 74% of them are coming back for more.

What this tells us is that we’re not just getting a bunch of junk traffic from social media – these are quality users who stay to read the blog and usually find it good enough to want to come back when we post again.

We’re getting the most traffic from Twitter by a wide margin, likely because we started out with 282 followers and because Twitter tends to be the go-to social media platform to find information.

Site Visits By Social Account

As for followers, we saw significant increases in Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus simply from daily posting and commenting, as well as following one or two accounts per day. Our Twitter follower account increased by nearly 25%, with Pinterest’s increasing by 181% and 110% for Google Plus. And they’re all still climbing rapidly. We expect that as we get more followers, the counts will increase exponentially.

Twitter Followers Graph

As well as things are going with those three platforms, Facebook and LinkedIn have proved to be tougher. Without a way to go out and really engage with other accounts from the company account, it’s not as easy to bring attention to ourselves. We’re going to try out some more active strategies this month and see how it goes. We’ll then report back here to let you know how it went.

If you haven’t followed us yet and you’d like to come along with us on our social media journey, here’s a list of our various profile pages:

If you’d like us to follow you, leave a comment with your username and we’ll look you up!