Super Brawl Sunday – Vern Fonk MMA Cage Match

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Super Brawl Sunday!

Vern Fonk vs. Kasey White

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New Vern Poster


Action! Excitement! Vern Fonk!

That’s right – Vern Fonk will be making an appearance at the Snoqualmie Casino Super Brawl Sunday event on April 6th to take on Kasey white in the octagon! Who will win? No one knows (but it’s probably Kasey)!

We’ll be tagging along to catch the action on film. If you’re planning on going to see the Marunde-Williams fight on the 6th, be sure to get there early for a little extra show… But if you miss it, again, we’ll be filming. Expect footage in the near future.

Anything could happen.