Switch Up Advertising to Stir Business in Seattle

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With the holiday season fast approaching it may be time to try some new advertising tactics to attract more business.

There is an old saying; if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it; this isn’t always the best case scenario for business advertising. Sometimes, improving and changing your strategy can pay off big time to attract new business. Taking bigger risks can have bigger pay offs for business, many business owners are hesitant to change their advertising because it works “okay”, but changing your advertising could work “great!” if you have a plan and help to accomplish it.

Many business owners think they can’t afford to make a television commercial, and definitely cannot afford airtime to play the commercial on their local TV channels. So these business owners stick with direct mail, or even radio advertising, not knowing with their budget they can most likely afford to shoot a commercial and get it on TV within a couple weeks…So how do you get your business on tv?

  1. Contact an advertising agency that can help you make a marketing plan that fits your business size and needs. If you goal is more website traffic, they should be able to help you achieve that. If your goal is more foot traffic to your store, they should be able to do that too. An advertising agency’s job is to help a business achieve their business goals!

  2. Discuss budget and time frame, September is a great time to get your holiday advertising lined up and work out the kinks before the actual holiday season starts.

  3. Make it happen! Your agency should be able to help guide you through the new advertising process, you knew your old marketing plan inside and out but a new plan means learning how it works.

  4. Let your agency negotiate your rates, this is their specialty, let them work their magic on your behalf.

  5. Watch the new business roll in! Give your new marketing plan a little time to work, and then enjoy the results.

Stepping out of the normal comfort zone with advertising seems like a leap off the deep end into the unknown, but it doesn’t have to feel that way with the help of professionals. Let an experienced team guide you and reap the rewards before your competitor does it first.