Top 6 Tools to Automate Your Business

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Top 6 Tools to Automate Your Business

As we roll into 2016, you’ve surely noticed the ever-increasing automation of many aspects of running a business, including marketing.  There are a wealth of automation tools available to simplify daily tasks like emails, social media, and blog posting.  Here are a few of our favorite tools designed to save you time, helping ensure these imperative tasks are completed!



Hootsuite:   Hootsuite is the creme de la creme of a 1-stop Social Media Marketing hub.  You can access and post to all of your Social Media accounts from 1 portal, as well as create and schedule posts in advance.  Their dashboard and system are quite simple to use, making this a worldwide favorite among busy business owners and marketers alike.


Sprout Social:   Sprout Social is a terrific tool to help business owners maintain the expected standard of communicating, sharing, and distributing content.   Their program makes measuring engagement with your social network, scheduling outgoing messages, and interacting with social followers a breeze, shaving hours off these tasks each week.



Infusionsoft:   Infusionsoft is a hugely popular all-in-one sales and marketing system, focused especially on accommodating small to medium sized business owners.   Their system simplifies the automating of capturing and scoring leads with their powerful CRM features, and it includes a bevy of helpful tools for email marketing, social marketing, and sales.


wordpress                                   Automate blog with WordPress scheduled posts

WordPress:   Not only is WordPress our cup of tea when it comes to building powerful, Google-loving websites, but it’s also our recommended platform for your business blog to live on.  Using a simple post-scheduling option on WordPress, you can create a month’s worth of blog posts in one weekend, then schedule them to post whenever you desire.   You can also easily link your social media account to your blog, and have the blog post automatically publish to your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or Google+ accounts.


salesforce is one of the most popular companies for business automation and CRM management in the world.    Their system has top notch marketing and sales automation tools, simplifying the management of your online presence and marketing campaigns.   They’ve done a phenomenal job systematizing the process of cultivating customer relationships, make this tool a must-use for business owners world-wide.



MailChimp:   Email marketing is a serious asset in your marketing playbook, as building rapport and staying in front of your customers is imperative for a thriving business.   When it comes to tools for email automation, MailChimp is an easy go-to choice.   Their program allows you to target specific customers based on any number of preferences, and it integrates easily into most other web technologies you may need it to play nicely with.


Time management is key in building and maintaining a successful business, and a professional, robust online presence is an absolute MUST.  Take advantage of these tools that suite your needs best, and let us know which are your favorite programs for automating aspects of your business!