marketing trends for 2016

Top Marketing Trends for 2016

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Top Marketing Trends for 2016


As December comes to an end, it’s time for business owners to map out a marketing plan for 2016.  Although some fads and trends are yet to be known, there are some we can safely bet on to be major factors in the marketing and advertising world.



mobile marketing

Mobile is quite simply a MUST. Not only will a non-mobile compliant website make your visitors drop like flies, but will also leave you primed for disciplinary action from Google.   Additionally, mobile browsing makes up over 1/2 of the total time most folks spend online. Don’t lose those lucrative mobile browsers- get your website to a state of mobile-perfection pronto!




video marketing

Not only is Video on TV (as in commercials) still a foundation of a solid marketing plan, but online Video has become a serious marketing weapon.  Online Video consumption has been consistently increasing for years now, and mobile devices are adding fuel to the existing fire.

Experienced marketers know what a powerful tool video can be, and video shared on social media can create an instant fury of traffic and attention!  As we move into 2016, you’ll see Google indexing videos more, offering them up as options in search results most of the time.   Don’t get left behind in this trend, and pushed further back in search results- get a position on the video wagon ASAP.




content marketing

Content will continue to be the king- IF it is QUALITY content being created.  Useful, interesting, and informative content is close to unbeatable, as it brings eyes and spreads around the web with ease.

Aim for a consistent flow of quality content on multiple formats, including your blog and social media channels.  Don’t forget to remember the most basic, oh-so important mantra when producing content: if you don’t really want to read it, others won’t either.  Make it worth the readers time, or simply don’t produce it at all.


These top contenders for marketing trends all have something in common; they are influenced by online behavior.   Smart, successful marketers and business owners must continually grow and adapt online, as that’s where the future of marketing and business growth will be found!