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Despite the progress of other forms of advertising, television is still the Undisputed King of Media. While it lacks some of the metrics of online marketing, no other form of advertising can reach such a large number of consumers at once.

Stevenson Advertising has a number of very successful long-term clients who have seen incredible revenue increases with television advertising, and we believe your company can experience the same healthy boost with better reach and brand awareness.

It’s important to remember that television viewers watch TV shows, not TV stations. This means that each and every show has its own unique set of demographics.

This means that each and every show has its own unique set of demographics.

Much like a radio station might cater to a particular age group or demographic, each TV program has its own unique group of fans.

Since television is highly researched, we are able to zero in on the type of person, family or group we are seeking in every show we use to run commercials.

Building a television commercial is like building a house. You must decide, based on budget, what level of commercial you want. Commercials can be very inexpensive, very expensive and every level in between. The cost of producing a commercial is often based on the script. Factors include how much equipment is needed, how many crew members, how many locations, the cost of the talent, special effects, etc.


red camera

The key is to determine the right set up and equipment to fit the level of production, we will help match the production to the project and budget.

Most of our productions are shot on Canon 7D cameras shooting HD 1080p.

But for higher quality productions, we use the Red Epic camera that shoots 5k video (often used for shooting newer feature films.)

The most common television commercials are shot in HDD 1080p and are :30 seconds in length. Depending on the goal of the commercial, we may recommend a full crew, or simply a one-man shoot. Television commercials often require a large amount of graphics and text on the screen to reach the audience.



Check out a few of our favorite commercials:

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