TV Advertising: Still the Top Tool for Driving Web Traffic

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A number of studies have shown that television advertising is the fastest, largest, highest volume method of driving sheer numbers of visitors to a website.  This fact explains why most startup website businesses still begin their life with television as the driver.

A great example of the power of television for website traffic was a real time study by Gary Robinson when he launched  He captured the site traffic when a television commercial ran in January of 2013.  At 945pm on Sunday, January 6th, had 1,574 people on the site when a television commercial ran on television.  After a little over a minute, the number started to climb to 1847.  After two minutes, it climbed to 2084, after 3 minutes 2143 visitors.  At that point the television program was back on and the number settled back down.  One television commercial airing had increased the site traffic by 73% in three minutes!

The trade association for the television industry, TVB President and CEO, Steve Lanzano talks about how web companies are using more television advertising.

“The Wall Street Journal’s December 1, 2013 report, Web Companies Embrace TV Ads – New Media Find the Reach of Television Commercials Hard to Resist, highlights the consumer reach and strength of television advertising as web companies seek to grow their brand awareness and website activity.  The results cited by web site executives using television advertising marketing programs reinforces a canon of research showing that TV is the best medium for driving consumers to the web for product research and purchases. Most recently TVB’s Purchase Funnel study documented that consumers cite television nearly five times more often than the Internet (43% v 9%) as the primary driver in sending them to a store or web site to make a purchase,””
Steve Lanzano, TVB President and CEO

A March 2012 study by Deloitte called “State of the Media Democracy” found that 64% of those surveyed had visited a website after seeing an advertisement on TV.  The same study said that online display advertising had actually lost ground year-to-year with respondents saying they paid more attention to print than online. The study also said that 98% of respondents chose TV services as their favorite type of media.