Vern Fonk Attacked by Zombies!

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Our client, Vern Fonk Insurance is at it again. This time Vern is doing television commercials starring a group of creepy zombies. In April we shot a series of new commercials at Pacific Grip and Lighting in South Seattle.

Vern actor, Rob Thielke and his brother, Joel starred in some adventures that included zombies with zombie makeup by world-class makeup expert, Shawn Shelton. Shelton is well-known in the production community for his realistic zombie wounds and creepy eyeballs. Part-time actor, Brent Bohan was the lead zombie and received a multi-hour makeup job by Shelton. In real life, Bohan is an attorney in Lynnwood, but got a kick out of his role as head zombie with exposed, lipless grin and zombie colored eye contacts.


In addition to the zombie commercials, the Vern Fonk crew also recorded a commercial with Rob Thielke as former Governor Jesse Ventura, and another commercial as a machine gun carrying priest, and another where he plays a kidnap victim to his brother’s Liam Neeson character in the movie “Taken.” Joel Thielke also got to try out is strange Christopher Walken impression in a commercial we call The Walken Dead. Stay tuned for these and other Vern Fonk commercials produced by Stevenson Advertising coming to a television near you.