Vern Vonk MMA Cage Match – A Follow-Up

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What Happened at Vern Fonk MMA?

As many of you know, yesterday we were at Snoqualmie Casino shooting footage for an upcoming series of Vern Fonk commercials.


Vern Fonk vs. Kasey White

First off, I had never been to a live MMA match or filmed a commercial at a live sporting event before so I had no idea what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised.  When we arrived at the Casino, the event staff was incredibly welcoming and very helpful.  Our crew was “on the list” and each received a red wrist band (which I found out later was incredibly helpful in never having to wait in line).  Those little babies even got us into the buffet when it was closed, which was handy since we didn’t have long in between takes.

Kasey “Hollywood” White was the MMA fighter that was lucky enough to hop into the cage against Vern.  Based on the photos I’ve seen of him I expected a snarling beast that lives on Red Bull and dolphin tears, but he turned out to be an incredibly nice and outgoing guy. He was also a really good sport when Vern had him in a headlock, and he was forced to deal with the exorbitant amount of chest and back hair.  As it turns out, hair pulling is one of the things you actually are not allowed to do in MMA, so Kasey was a bit stuck with no hairless patch of skin to grab onto to break free.

Here’s a few pics from the shoot yesterday

So who won? Find out in our upcoming series of Vern Fonk commercials, we’ll keep you posted.