Magic Mattress Lift video creation

Video Production: Magic Mattress Lift

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Video Production of the Magic Mattress Lift


Have you heard of the Magic Mattress Lift yet?  The Stevenson Advertising production team recently finished a video shoot with the inventor of this brilliant product, Mr. Jeff Shea.   Production Manager & Director Shawn Sergev, worked with Jeff to create a concise video showing what the product is and how it is used.   The commercial shoot took place at the Bellevue Westin on a RED Epic dragon camera.  


Magic Mattress photos

What is it?  
The Magic Mattress Lift makes it easier to change your bed sheets by lifting the mattress up 10 inches.   It’s a spring assisted device, placed in each corner of the mattress between the box spring and mattress, helping the user install bedding.
This is a phenomenal product everyone can appreciate (especially hotel housekeepers!), turning a hard and back breaking chore into an easy and painless experience!  

Check out the completed video here:  The Magic Mattress Lift – Kickstarter video
 and also at their website:  Magic Mattress Lift – Website

Here are a few behind the scenes pictures from the Video Production of the Magic Mattress Lift: 

Magic Mattress Lift set up
Magic Mattress Lift video shoot
Magic Mattress Lift video shootMagic Mattress Lift video creation