Video Production 

Video, especially in the form of television commercials, is the world’s most powerful advertising medium. Video is also proving to be the most powerful ad platform on the Internet.
Regardless of the type of video your business needs, we can produce it. First, we define the use of the video: TV commercial; online commercial; corporate video; training video, etc. Then we begin to plan the production.

Video production usually requires the following steps:Video Shoot w/ Rock Wood Fired Pizza Kitchen

  • Consultation meeting: Define the strategy and goal of your video
  • Creative brainstorming: Solidify the idea
  • Script writing: What will the characters and/or narrator say; what will be on the screen – exterior/interiors
  • Shooting: Is it on location or in-studio on set, or in front of a green screen
  • Audio: Voice-over, on-camera, music choice, sound effects
  • Editing: This is where we build the video with footage, audio and graphics
  • Approval and distribution format: Is it for TV, online, website, DVD?
Video Equipment

Depending on the use of the video and budget, our equipment list will range from a single camera shoot with a camera and operator, tripod, lights and microphones, to a full studio shoot with a full crew and elaborate equipment. We match the production and video equipment requirements to the project and budget.

Television & Online Commercials, or Corporate Videos for your Website

The most common TV commercials are :30 seconds in length. Online commercials often are shorter in length than TV commercials, if used as a pre-roll. Corporate videos for your website or YouTube are sometimes longer in length. Effective corporate videos tend to be short – under two minutes – and are designed to tell a story about your company. Corporate videos are also used to explain more complex products or services, and often run on company websites to help customers better understand what the company has to offer. The more complex videos may require sophisticated shoots with multiple set ups and locations.

Training Videos

Training videos can be used to train employees, and to train customers on the use of your products and services. They can be long and complex, or short and simple.

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