Vintage Commercials Part 5 – Classic Toy Commercials

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Throwback Thursday (Friday Edition) – Classic Toy Commercials

For this weeks Throwback Thursday (Friday Edition) we take a look at some classic toy commercials featuring some of the most popular toys of the last century. There are also a couple in there where we can’t believe these toys were ever made.  Seriously, what were we thinking with the Roy Rogers hidden gun trick shooter hat?

In this collection we feature Barbie and Ken’s first commercial together, the original Green Machine, the Roy Rogers Trick Shooter Hat, the Betsy Wetsy Doll and the wonderful world of Slinky.

And then there’s the Remco Mr. Kelly’s Automatic Car Wash Toy, no idea why someone thought that was a good idea as a “toy”.  Unless it was used to detect a child’s likeliness of having OCD when they are older.

Happy Friday! Enjoy.