What Does Retargeting Mean?

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Retargeting is actually a fairly simple idea, it works by keeping track of who has come to your site and places your ads on other pages they look at to bring them back to yours. Retargeting is a highly effective tool to keep your business in the forefront a customer’s mind, because they will be seeing your name and logo repeated many times; it helps bring them back to you to do business. Regular ads target everyone, retargeting is only for the people who have come to your website before.

How it works

Retargeting works by first putting a pixel behind the scenes of your website, and then display the pixel to your website through ad networks around the internet on sites the visitor goes to. The visitors who come to your website will start seeing your ads in other places. Depending on where you place the pixel on your website (whole site, only at checkout, under ‘About Us’ tab, etc.) will help determine how frequently your ad will appear on other websites.

Where will it be displayed?

Retargeting can be directed and manipulated in many ways. The retargeting ads can be placed on a group of websites that your customer frequents already. Further from that websites that are not bringing in enough traffic back to the webpage can be cut, and websites that might be helpful to bring in more traffic can be added. The frequency and type of the ad can all be changed depending on what a company wants the consumer to see. Having the ads and display spaces tailored to your potential leads and customers allow for very specific marketing and the potential to generate many more click-through leads.

Who sees your ad?

Retargeting brings a better ROI from your advertising budget because it reaches people already interested in your business that could be potential customers and leads. Targeting true potential customers is a way to improve business and focus your advertising money in a direct manner. Retargeting can be a great way to keep customers coming back to you by letting them know about specials or flash sales that only last a short period of time, also known as a call-to-action.

Retargeting is a great and highly effective way to bring more leads into a business using your existing webpage. You already have a webpage, and visitors, so put it to good use and bring those visitors back again and again with retargeting.