Why Should An Agency Negotiate Your Rates?

Brett Stevenson Blog, Media Buying

The deciding factor of what gets your business on television or radio is negotiating rates with the station, but knowing how to negotiate the rates can be complicated and difficult for a business owner to do on their own. Getting a good rate takes practice and can be an expensive lesson to learn for some businesses.

To begin with, rates from TV and Radio stations are all negotiable, you just have to know how and what to ask. Having an advertising agency do the negotiating for you means that the agency works on your behalf as far as negotiating rates and picking shows which your ad should air. For a business owner the cost of hiring an agency is the same as going directly to the station, except that the business gets professional help. TV and Radio stations cut the rates so the agency makes money off the deal, and the business pays the same amount.

Let me repeat that: You will not be charged extra for using an agency to negotiate your rate. In fact you will save money.


Businesses without any experience trying to negotiate their rates can have a tough time figuring out what to do, what is right, and how much things should cost. Don’t get frustrated; hire someone who can help you as a 3rd party to find a TV or radio schedule that works for your budget, business, and goal. Every business can advertise, many just don’t know how, or think it costs too much money. While TV may not be the correct avenue for some businesses, it is most likely affordable on some level to any business.

Another thing to consider when hiring an agency to negotiate rates for your business is that an agency has a team working directly for your success; your success is directly related to their success. Trusting a professional to help you grow your business can be the best choice you have made for your business in a long time.