why you need a website audit

Why You NEED a Website Audit

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Competition is fierce in most industries- except those few in seriously unique niche markets.  

We’ve all had big plans for our business’ website when it’s being created, but as time ticks on…. other websites start looking and behaving a bit sharper than your own.

What needs to be “audited” with a website?  Design is one thing, but performance is another.  If your website speed starts to slow down, your search engine rankings are likely to follow suite.  Does Google have a current and complete XML sitemap on file for your site?  Like a map when exploring a foreign country, it’s a seemingly little thing that benefits you greatly to have in hand.


Here’s some of the website components that need to be audited- we recommend doing so every 6 months:


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A poorly designed website is a headache to use.


  • User Experience needs to be easy to maneuver through the website and enjoyable as they find what they came for. Ageing website commonly decline in this area, and need to be fine-tuned.
  • Broken Links need to be isolated and eradicated, as they can quickly ruin the website visitors experience on your website.  No one likes a website dead end!


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Keep your website visitors interested with fresh content on a regular basis.


  • New, useful, and interesting information to bring user’s to your website, and then entice them to return for more!
  • SEO score analysis will show where deficiencies lie in your website, and show you how to improve the website quality overall.


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An optimally performing website will help you climb the search engine rankings.


  • Website loading speed is increasingly important to Google when they grade your website. You must provide a fast page load to stay on the happy side of the search engines.
  • Mobile Responsiveness is also imperative, as your website needs to adapt to the size of the screen your website visitor is using. Without a properly responsive website, your chances of beating competition in search results goes out the window!



Now it’s your turn

Care to delegate?  We’ll take the weight off your shoulders, and we’ll do so at no cost to you.  Fill out the form to schedule your free website audit, and help you maximize the benefit of your website.


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